Data Engineering

An Advance way to Create, Manage and Use Data

Technological advancements have made data agglomeration easy. Organisations world-wide accumulate and store organisations end up lost in this sea of data that begins to resemble a minefield rather than a treasure trove. Data management is the need of the hour. Not a cold, digitized management data using diverse structures, across histories and in dissimilar forms. Most but a system that will integrate data from differentiated sources and varied time spans, but with a unifying element at its core that will enhance critical analyses and interpretation in easily understandable language.

Data-E-Labs has built core competencies in disintegrating silos of data for advanced analysis, extraction of critical touch-point information from structured and unstructured sources and its integration into the programmed interface. The expertise is not limited to plain vanilla data management but a living, interactive retrieval-management-extraction-analytical-interpretational end to end solution for its customers.

Data engineering services are the nucleus of the canvas. Starting with targeting of high potential prospective customers, identification of heavy traffic sites, user friendly web navigation inputs, the package of services is holistic and customer centric. Our team of engineers delivers state-of-the-art technology, advanced analytical techniques, cutting edge quantitative analysis with displays in the form of graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, images, timelines, maps, bubbles and buckets. Customized client-specific solutions are our specialty.

How Industries Are Using Big Data

Big data is the game changer in most, if not all, industries. Industry captains and Government are unanimous in their belief that you cannot have too much data in your virtual storehouse. The challenge is to sift the data into meaningful grains. Banking, insurance, retail and e-commerce are discovering business opportunities, harnessing business intelligence to bolster information integration and data discovery, measuring customer experience, and dovetailing customer profiles with future plans. Loss protection is also a key benefit of big data analyses. The theory is that the best fraud prevention measure is not to allow access to the fraudulent customer. This demands advanced predictive analytics and technology is getting there. Big data analytics arms customers with more information than the fraudsters have at their disposal and facilitates erection of firewalls that forestall attacks by creating a system that is vigilant without being suspicious. Risk management is also a key function of big data analytics. Stress testing reveals the preparedness of business to bounce back from adverse events, limit damage in a hostile environment and maintain an operation that is efficient.

Our Data Engineering Services at a Glance

Data E-labs is proficient in handling end to end data engineering services. Be it conceptualizing or implementing, our industry experts provide all round guidance and support so that your data is managed properly to ensure maximum productivity. Our services not only reduce costs but enhance work efficiency, enabling clients to gain and sustain a competitive edge. Our service basket includes the following:

Data Architecture Database architecture includes defining and designing databases, implementing them and then providing support for managing the various database environments.We support clients in developing a plan for integrating and aligning various information resources. We also establish the framework on which information is governed and analyzed.

Big Data Analysis Our teams use the latest technology and tools to understand and document data structures. Once a thorough analysis is done, we make sure that a standard operating procedure is followed to develop and manage the implemented predictive analytics based solution.

Why Choose Data E-Labs?

Our experienced engineers have worked on various platforms such as Hadoop, Hive, R, and Python. Our analytics solutions can be created and delivered as algorithms, APIs, libraries and various product developments. Based on our clients requirements we can deploy the solutions over the cloud or as standalone desktop applications. We have been working with various organizations across different industry verticals such as Banking and Financial services, Retail and e-Commerce. Our data engineering services are innovation-driven and have helped organizations worldwide in maximizing their productivity. We provide end to end data engineering services with proper step by step training to the clients.